Nadereh Ashtari, D.M.D.

Meet Dr. Ashtari

Dr. Ashtari received her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from Boston University in 1989. After graduation Dr. Ashtari practiced dentistry for several years and also taught at Boston University’s Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry as a clinical instructor. In 1996 Dr. Ashtari became a partner at Cabot Dental Group, where she has strived to elevate the quality of dental care services provided to patients by investing in advanced technology, offering new treatment techniques such as Laser and Implant Dentistry, training staff in the latest dental practices, and attaining the highest standard of hygiene. She has always been attentive to her patients needs and puts their well being first.

As a dedicated wife and mother of two, Dr. Ashtari is proud of her achievements in her professional life as well as her role in raising her daughters to achieve high education. Dr. Ashtari’s hobbies are cooking and gardening. Dr. Ashtari is a member of American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Association.